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Social Media Challenge - 100 Days of Practice

September 4th, 2020

The idea had been brewing for a while, I just needed to muster enough courage and motivation to start. 100 consecutive days of practice didn’t sound so bad; 100 consecutive days of posting the fruits of my practice on instagram, now that was scary. But as I’m writing this I’m on day 75 - just a quarter of the way to go! There have been many days where I could have used personal setbacks, demotivation, mood swings, and just the normal everyday troubles of life as excuses to skip a day or just give up altogether. However, being able to fall back on simple hymns was a saving grace in those times, and were often a source of encouragement for me too. So since I’ve started this, with God’s help I’ll finish it.

What’s the purpose of this challenge? For every day to be an opportunity to use ClassicAanu as an outlet for my musical ideas. For more consistency in actually completing and bringing those ideas into a tangible performance. For music-making to be a habit.

So, here’s to 25 more days of music making! Stick around to see the end of this journey!

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