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Performance Case Study - Holocaust Memorial Day

February 3rd, 2020

The Deputy Mayor of Southwark had heard me play after attending my church for our 2019 Christmas concert, and so asked me to come and play for their Holocoaust memorial Day service in January. This was so exciting for me, an opportunity for me to perform for some really influential people.

The theme of the memorial service was Stand Together. They requested for Schindler’s List (by John Williams) and a violin cover for Cavatina (piece by Stanley Myers), then I chose Ashokan Farewell (by Jay Ungar) for my final piece, which I found out had been used as the theme song for the 1990 documentary film Civil War by Ken Burns. I got some really positive feedback from those watching - southwark councillors, some politicians, the deputy Mayor - one lady even said it was angelic!

The experience taught me about being professional and catering to the needs of my audience. Not only was I able to play to great people, but I was privileged to be a part of this national experience of remembering World War Two and learning how we can keep moving forward so that history doesn’t repeat itself.

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